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Deep Dive into the World of Memeland: The Innovative Fusion of Memes and NFTs

Deep Dive into the World of Memeland: The Innovative Fusion of Memes and NFTs

Nov 21, 2023

Deep Dive into the World of Memeland: The Innovative Fusion of Memes and NFTs


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Long before Memeland, there was 9GAG – a website where people shared laughs over funny images. The creators of 9GAG hatched a novel concept: What if these fleeting moments of joy could be captured and owned? And just like that, Memeland was born, a digital playground where internet memes live and some could even become your own unique treasures, much like unique trading cards in the form of digital items known as NFTs. But Memeland's vision extends beyond mere collection and has garnered the support of notable figures such as Ycombinator, Gary Vaynerchuk and Kevin Rose.       


Memeland aims to use gamification and craft social products to close the gap between creators and the community, leveraging MEME tokens and NFTs to knit a fabric of collaboration and shared experience while weaving together a membership system and collaborative control of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to create a connected ecosystem. 


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The image above showcases the current ecosystem of Memeland, which revolves around the 3 NFT collections and the gamified elements (questing and digital item rewards) to engage the community. These 3 different collection have their own purpose and contributed to the ecosystem differently. 

The Pillars of Memeland - The NFT Collections and Their Perks             

In Memeland, there are three special types of NFTs you can collect, each with its own set of awesome perks. Let us now find out more about the NFT collections that bands this ecosystem together in chronological order.


1. YOU THE REAL “MVP”           

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Memeland's inaugural NFT drop came in June 2022 with YOU THE REAL MVP a collection with a total supply of only 420 NFTs. Memeland released the NFTs via a blind auction that set the price of each NFT in the collection at 5.3 ETH. The MVP NFTs, being the apex of Memeland's offerings, are like golden tickets to exclusive opportunities and insider knowledge. Holding an MVP NFT is like having a backstage pass to the future of Memeland, offering networking with influential community members​. With them, you can:

  • Get free Captainz and Potatoz because MVPs are superstars.
  • Always be at the front of the line for new meme collections.
  • Use special maps for quests that lead to the best rewards.
  • Form a Supercrew, making your Memeland journey legendary.
  • Hang out in a special lounge and chat with the brains behind Memeland.

2. The Potatoz           

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On July 20, 2022, The Potatoz, a collection of 9999 NFTs, was launched as a free mint on the Ethereum blockchain which became a top 150 OpenSea collection in less than 69 days.


The Potatoz NFTs are little characters that evolve through a total 6 stages, acquiring its traits as it “grows”. These little guys are the loyal buddies of the Captainz and owning one is like having a funny little friend who comes with benefits:


  • Team up with the Captainz for exciting questing adventures.
  • Watch your Potatoz 'grow' and unlock new levels of fun and maybe even win some prizes.
  • Be part of the founding crew, which is a big deal in Memeland.

3. The Captainz             

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Stepping up from the Potatoz, Memeland then launched The Captainz, a collection of 9999 NFTs who are the commanding NFTs in Memeland, giving holders significant clout. They are like digital captains steering the ship, with the power to influence Memeland's future through the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), making key decisions for the community​ and owning a Captainz NFT allows you to:


  • Join in on treasure hunts with special quests.
  • Plant your Captainz like a seed (staking) and watch more rewards grow.
  • Vote on what new fun stuff Memeland should do next.

4. The Currency of Memeland - The $MEME Coin           

Memeland introduced its own currency, the $MEME Coin, with a touch of the platform's characteristic humor. Unlike the typical cryptocurrencies that are driven by complex functionalities, the $MEME Coin was launched as a token for those who appreciate the lighter side of the crypto world, symbolizing the fun at the core of Memeland. The $MEME Coin, priced at $0.001 during its initial offering, is more of a collectible item rather than an investment or utility coin (as dictated in its whitepaper)​​​​​​.


The token sale, which concluded on October 27, 2023, saw Memeland raise $15.8 million USD from two rounds of presales . These presales distributed 12% and 11% of the token supply, respectively, to private investors and the Memeland community at the set price point​​. With a total supply of 69 billion tokens, the $MEME Coin has a tokenomics structure aimed at fostering a strong community and ensuring the sustainability of the ecosystem:

  • Contributors: 17% is allocated to the builders and creators who bring Memeland to life, incentivizing their continuous contribution.
  • Private Sale: 10-12% of the tokens were offered to early backers who supported the vision of Memeland from the outset.
  • Community Airdrop: 25% is set aside for the community, rewarding engagement and loyalty.
  • Ecosystem Fund: 30% is dedicated to further developing and expanding the Memeland ecosystem, ensuring its growth and innovation.
  • Community Firesale: 11% was made available during the firesale, highlighting the community's excitement and commitment to the platform.
  • Binance Launchpool: 2% was allocated into binance pools in order to facilitate trades within the ecosystem


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The release schedule and precise allocation of the remaining tokens are part of Memeland's strategic planning to maintain and sustain its robust and active community, even as it moves beyond the initial launch and sale events. With its laid-back approach and inclusive pricing, the $MEME Coin embodies the spirit of Memeland, making it a unique facet of the platform's digital economy.

The Thrill of Questing and Raids in Memeland             

Memeland has captivated its community with the introduction of “Questing” , a gamification feature that offers a dynamic and engaging way for NFT holders to participate in the ecosystem, earning various rewards and enhancing their experience. This feature is what some might call "staking," but in the spirit of Memeland, it's wrapped in the lore of questing adventures, complete with crews and treasure hunts​​.


Here's how the Questing adventure unfolds for different NFT holders:


1. Questing with Captainz           

As a Captain, you can embark on quests by forming a crew with Potatoz. This union is not just for companionship but serves a strategic purpose. The larger the crew, the greater the potential for rewards. When you set sail on a quest, you can earn both Mapz and other valuables (which its functions are unknown currently), which enhance your standing in the world of Memeland​​.


2. Questing with Potatoz           

The Potatoz, lovable on their own, set off on simpler quests. Each week, they return bearing Valuables, contributing to the richness of your Memeland journey. Even alone, a Potatoz is an intrepid adventurer, capable of surprising discoveries​​. 


3. Questing with MVPs            

Holding an MVP in Memeland is like having a seasoned guide for your Captainz, significantly boosting their odds of finding Mapz. An MVP can boost up to nine Captainz, amplifying the reward potential of your quests. This MVP boost, however, must run its full 7-day course to take effect, requiring a bit of timing and planning for optimal treasure acquisition​​.


The end of a quest can signal the beginning of a new chapter, especially if you wish to pass on your NFT to another. Ending a quest is as simple as starting one, ensuring that the transition is seamless and the adventure never halts​​.


4. The promise of “Raids”            

But the adventure doesn't stop there. Memeland has upped the ante with the promise of "Raids," a feature that allows Captainz holders to partake in raiding each other for these coveted Mapz. Raids are games of chance, where the brave can win big but also risk losing their maps to fellow raiders. This risk-reward dynamic introduces a thrilling layer of strategy and luck, echoing the adventurous spirit of age-old pirate legends​​.


To participate in a Raid, a Captain must link their Discord to their wallet and hold at least one Special or Extraordinary Map. The #raids channel becomes the battleground where typing !joinraids enlists a Captain in this gamble. With a 40% chance to win a Map, a 50% chance to lose one, and a 10% chance to have it vanish in the Broken Seas, every raid is a heart-pounding gamble. Raids happen at random, but a Captain can call out a specific opponent or take their chances with the luck of the draw​​.


Questing and Raids in Memeland are not just innovative features; they are testaments to the platform's dedication to engaging its community in new and dynamic ways. As Captains and crews set sail on these digital expeditions, the spirit of exploration and the allure of the unknown keep the heart of Memeland beating with excitement and anticipation.

Notable Achievements             

1. Growing of Community by the Million in 2 days on Twitter:           

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In their efforts to engage the community through its initiative of farming memepoint, it had led to a phenomenal increase in their community following by 1 million in just 2 days


2. Raising $10M within an hour of Memecoin’s Launch:           

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The initial offering of the $MEME Coin was a landmark event, with the fire sale igniting unprecedented fervor. On its launch day, the $MEME Coin not only saw a staggering $10 million raised within the first hour but also cemented the Memeland project's reputation as a magnet for meme aficionados and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike.

3. Additional Ventures within the Ecosystem.         

Apart from the main elements of Memeland that are stated above, they are also integrating/rolling out different ventures to further engage the community in different ways.


  1. : Envisioned as the "Tripadvisor for your Web3 journey," this platform aims to guide users through the complex landscape of Web3, offering insights, reviews, and recommendations.
  2. : There's no detailed information provided, but it suggests a service related to profile pictures (PFPs), which are a big part of NFT identity.
  3. GM Show & : These platforms are expected to foster connections within the Web3 community., in particular, is hinted to be a content-sharing platform with a twist, possibly integrating social and creator economy features.
  4. Stakeland : This project is set to make cryptocurrency staking enjoyable, likely by incorporating gaming elements to the otherwise technical process of staking digital assets.
  5. Petsland: Specifically designed for pet lovers, further details about Petsland are yet to be disclosed.
  6. Creator Fund : Recognizing the creative force behind meme culture, Memeland plans to establish a Creator Fund. This fund is designed to offer financial support and mentorship to budding meme creators, fostering innovation and growth within the community​
  7. Prize Draws : Past giveaways have included quirky prizes such as a year’s supply of McDonald’s food, and there may be more of such prizes as the next chapter of Memeland's unfolds.


Memeland is where the fun of memes meets the excitement of collecting and owning a piece of internet history. It’s a place where your laughter and likes turn into a community, and your favorite memes become treasures in your digital chest. It’s not just a game; it’s the new way to experience and be part of meme culture.