Marvion Studios


Here at Marvion Studios*, there are no limits to what we can dream up. It is our goal to change how entertainment media, films, dramas, music, comics and virtual art are created, experienced and delivered.

Our production team is dedicated to bringing unique entertainment experiences unavailable anywhere else. You can find creations of Marvion Studios at various large-scale virtual and physical events globally, providing audiences of all ages awe-inspiring memories that last a lifetime.

The work we do is powered by the latest Web 5.0 technology, in particular Marvion’s proprietary Digital Ownership Token (DOT), which is designed to make ownership of collectible assets more secure and unambiguous.

*Marvion Studios is a subsidiary of Marvion, a blockchain technology company listed on the US OTC market.

Video filming | Post-production and editing | CG and special effects production in films and animations
Screenwriting | Film and TV distribution | Large-scale naked-eye 3D advertisements | Leasing of professional filming equipment