Overview of Omnific Blockchain Studio
Overview of Omnific Blockchain Studio
Overview of Omnific Blockchain Studio

Omnific Blockchain Studios is a Hong Kong-based Film, Entertainment, and Tech company and distributor formed by Phoenix Waters Productions in partnership with tech companies Marvion and Coinllectibles. It specializes in developing DOT-focused Films, Series, Video Games, Comic Books, and other forms of entertainment, providing creators and artists in Asia the opportunity to maximize their commercial and creative interests through the utilization of DOTs. In addition, international artists seeking to access the Asian market are provided a home to develop content with an DOT focus and identify ways to enhance IPs through using DOTs further while connecting them with various tech companies to help realize their goals. As DOTs are starting to emerge into the mainstream, there remains a disconnect between tech companies seeking to create DOTs and production companies unfamiliar with the potential power of DOTs from both a commercial and creative standpoint.

Omnific Blockchain Studios aims to address this gap, serving as a home for creators to develop their projects in all forms of screen entertainment, including Films, Series, and Videogames. It also helps maximize their creative and commercial potential within the DOT space and connect them with our technology partners to help bring their ambitions to life. By forming an ecosystem in Asia that synergizes the art world with tech, Omnific Blockchain Studios aims to foster a community that unlocks the next evolutionary stage in entertainment and bring DOTs to mainstream audiences.



Address: 37th Floor, Singapore Land Tower 50 Raffles Place Singapore 048623

Email: info@marvion.media

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